A letter to my reader..

MK Decker

Hello friends. I am so glad that you are here. Welcome to my new website and first-ever blog! I have worked really hard to create this online space that is not only easy for you to navigate and shop for products but also a place where I can write in-depth about my design projects, style tips, new painting series, and my personal faith life!

For the past few years, I have solely used Instagram to share my life including navigating skin cancer, having our first son, building and selling our house, and of course, showcasing my artwork. It has been a wonderful platform to grow and engage with amazing people from all over the world, but I know that I am ready to take the next step with a blog where I can share in more detail as Instagram is more of the “cliff notes” version.

Writing has always been something that I’ve enjoyed and it has been a safe space for me. As a child, I was extremely shy even to the point that I had my brother ask the attendants in the store where the barbies were. Over the years, with a lot of practice, I have grown in my ability and confidence to speak! With MK Decker Designs I have even spoken in front of groups of hundreds of people, but writing is still my strong suit to clearly share my heart.

My promise to you is that I will write to you as though you are my friend sitting across from me at the coffee shop with a warm cup in hand. I will be authentic, honest, and hopeful. I want you to join me in making this a safe space for me to share and for us to inspire others through beauty and kindness. We are meant to share life together and vulnerability helps us to feel seen and less alone.

So now that you know my heart’s desire for this space I do want to close with something inspiring you can take away until we talk again.

When I high school I was in an upper-level math class that was very challenging. My classroom was filled with brilliant peers, and I often times would make the lowest grade in the class. One day my teacher even made the comment to me that “math wasn’t really my thing”. The reality was that I loved math and I just needed more practice to make the grades I wanted. I ended up making a fair grade in the class but more importantly, I scored a 32 on the math portion of the ACT which ultimately awarded me scholarships that helped me graduate from college completely debt free.

If I would have believed that I was just “not a math person” I may have given up on trying to be successful in my math class and missed out on being even more successful on my ACT test. Even more importantly, I may have lost the confidence to be the successful businesswoman that I am today. I use math on a daily basis to price my items, pay sales taxes, manage inventory, wholesale orders, and so many things in between. Our words have great power not only to others but also to ourselves. I am glad that I never gave up on something that I knew I loved and was truly good at even when an expert told me otherwise.

So today, I encourage you to choose to believe in yourself and learn from your shortcomings. By not giving up, you never know what may unfold in your future from today’s resilience and courage. I am proud of you...always.

With love,